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Ameena Jivani


"Azmina is dedicated to your healing improvement. I have consulted with Azmina on several important issues, including my health. It has been a wonderful experience working with her [and] she is always committed to obtaining successful results for me...

Apart from her exceptional abilities she has a keen mind and a good sense of humour. Despite the seriousness of our discussions, it has always been a pleasure talking with her. Her insight and perception have both inspired me and given me confidence.

I would, without question, strongly recommend Azmina for healing and any critical problem one might face."



"I worked with Azmina with the Business Chakra Flow and it was such a game changer with my self esteem and helping me look at the ways I have blocked my own ability [to] produce abundance on a long term basis. I had a bad relationship with money and asking for an exchange as a business owner was a struggle for me. Her program taught me where the root of these wounds exist and gave me a practical actionable outline in resolving... those problems.

On top of that I found my archetype as a business owner, my messaging and was able to package my branding to reach my ideal client. Azmina is both compassionate and direct... being someone you can relate to along with her business insights fused with her credentials in healing the mind/body/soul connection she was truly the whole package to help me get to the next step of my business. I learned so much from her. Highly recommend working with her at whatever stretch in your journey you're in!"


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"I want to take a moment and let everyone know... how much I appreciate Creator [for sending] Azmina into my life. I am more grateful to her than words can express. Azmina has helped me rise so high and still helping me, and for me sky is the limit. Thank you Azmina for helping me with all positive guidance and energy work to my progress. It has helped me to be a lot better in my personal, professional and spreading life. Thank you for being there always when I need you, [and making sure] even after session that I'm doing better."


 "Working with Azmina was so refreshing. It was like having a conversation with a girlfriend and made me pay attention to things I had been avoiding. She takes the time to help you understand your vision and provides clear direction and support. As a soulpreneur, it can be difficult to step into that business mindset but Azmina helps you to do so in a way that offers success and keeps you aligned with your vision and values."

Shenny M

 "I had to put off getting help for years. I wasn't sure if counseling was right for me, but it was one of the best decisions I have made thus far. Azmina is a great listener, very understanding, relatable, and recommended tools relevant to my situation. I highly recommend her and counseling for anyone struggling through life's difficult stages. Thank you, Azmina, for always being there for me."


 "I've learned so much about myself and the people around me through her business. She's such a kind and wise woman who helped guide me to heal from my problems and become much more open minded with my surroundings. Very professional, I would recommend for anyone who needs guidance!"


 "You have been a great inspiration to me and have shown me that with determination, you can succeed. I commend you for having started your coaching business helping women achieve financial and emotional freedom. I admire you for having taken back your life! ... [Also] I really wanted to thank you for our session. You are helping me to get my career back on track and I really appreciate it."


 "Hi Azmina! Just wanted to say I'm feeling so great today! The stuck energy you cleared in the body code session really made a huge difference yesterday. I have had pain in the middle of my back and discomfort in my stomach for months and it's pretty much gone today. I have no doubt it was the energy you cleared that was blocking the 12 meridians. So thank you... I am so grateful for your work, and can't wait to be able to do this for others too!"


 "Azmina was so insightful and intuitive with her coaching. She seemed to hit ever nail on the head regarding the most important aspects of my life. I was blown away and highly appreciative of her clarity and would recommend her without hesitation."

Bernadette W

 "You are simply amazing and I am so blessed to have some time with you... our weekend was the beginning of me reclaiming my life! I will be eternally grateful!"


 "Azmina was exceptionally professional and very very helpful. I learned a lot and I highly recommend her services."