Soulful Business Coaching

Helping you pave your purpose. 

You are a brilliant woman who knows what it takes to build a meaningful business that you love.


Are you stuck behind the obstacles of wanting to attract more clients, not knowing who your niche is, lacking confidence in your pricing and struggling to create a brand that’s uniquely you?

You know you want to create, launch and grow a business that makes you feel empowered, fulfilled and purposeful.

But you also want that same business to offer you the flexibility to take care of your family, an income that you deserve and the confidence to support clients whom you truly connect with.

Together, we can get you there!


How would you like to create a profitable signature program that you can market and start earning money right away?


Like my own journey of self-healing, I can inspire the same in you by offering:

  • Guidance in creating a high-end program to start a soulful profitable business you love.
  • Support in your offering to breakdown your package program to market.
  • Assistance with your mindset to create the business of your dreams.

I want to support you and achieve clarity with a step-by-step approach to creating a soulful business which you love.

I can empower you to feel.


Let me help you achieve these results. I’ve got your back!

Welcome to Passion to Profit, a step-by-step approach to create a program to inspire female entrepreneurs, like myself, to build a business that you love!


During the Passion to Profit coaching program, you’ll learn all about your personal branding archetype, which essential for you as a growing entrepreneur.

Together, we’ll navigate some of the tough aspects of running a business such as defining your money mantra, your audience, creating signature packages, pricing and more.

We’ll establish a clear plan to jumpstart your business, until you can proudly stand behind your own brand that you, yourself, created and love!

Six Modules Included 

Module 1: Inner Compass

  • Release limiting money beliefs and transform the negative self-talk.
  • Achieve a mindset and belief that you are ready to walk this path.
  • Understand the phases to confidently step into what you’re about to design for yourself.
  • Fully discover the value of your work.
  • Attain empowerment to achieve amazing results.

Module 2: Branding with Archetypes

  • Discover your Brand Archetype, which perfectly captures your spirit, personality and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand.
  • Confidently choose your website design and images, write attention- getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)
  • Identify your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions.

Module 3: Niche Breakthrough Secrets

Are you ready to discover your authentic, lucrative niche so that you can attract and keep more ideal clients? Using simple steps to coach you through this.

  • Learn the six steps of the niche breakthrough formula.
  • Use a tried formula to create your lucrative niche and start attracting new clients with freedom and clarity and confidence.
  • Create a Marketing Message that your ideal client will love!

Module 4: Creating Signature System

I’ll walk you through how to transform your expertise-including the magic that makes you unique into a signature system that will attract the stream of ideal clients.

  • Learn the best ways to transform your expertise into content for clients that will eagerly say “yes” to.
  • Eliminate “what do I offer” overwhelm, clarifying your most profitable path to a thriving business and high-end offers
  • Develop your unique services or products to include in your system so that you can stand out in.
  • Use your Signature System to be clear on what it is that you offer your client and you stand behind.

Module 5: Creating Packages that Sell Themselves 

How to serve the clients that truly desire what you have to offer, while you work fewer hours for significantly more income

  • Deliver result driven packages that you are confident to market.
  • Step by step, create packages based on results instead of “process” or time spent.

Module 6: How to Sign on New Clients

Ready to feel confident about how you can start getting new clients? Create a steady stream of ideal clients – and I’ll show you how to;

  • Overcome your fear of what to say when discussing your new offer to ideal clients.
  • Discover where to find potential client you feel comfortable to connect with.
  • Create a simple action plan.
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