Unlock 8 methods for gracefully and effortlessly reaching the root issue

In this intensive 2-day workshop, you will uncover 8 graceful and efficient methods for reaching the root belief effortlessly. This transformative experience is designed to elevate and refine your skills. Gain the ability to pose the precise questions and receive clear answers from Divine Source Energy, allowing you to access the core of the issue. You will intuitively recognize when you've arrived at the root belief for yourself or your clients, facilitating profound and effective healing. Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation.


The ThetaHealing® Technique offers an effective means of delving into the core of our issues through a unique method known as 'digging.' This narrative-style approach enables us to gently explore the hidden and profound subconscious thoughts and beliefs that often act as obstacles. The ThetaHealing® technique employs unconditional love, Belief, and Feeling work to clear these hindrances.
This class is designed to provide comprehensive training in this essential technique to all ThetaHealers®. It equips you with a strong foundation, invaluable tips, and effective methods to confidently uncover your clients' key core beliefs. Identifying the true origin of the problem is crucial, as it allows you to pinpoint which beliefs need to be transformed. Without this clarity, any changes made may only offer temporary relief, and uncleared negative beliefs can continue to hinder genuine healing.
By attending this class, you will gain the skills to help your clients gain insights into their behaviors and lives. Assisting them in making transformative changes, they will emerge from their sessions feeling balanced and clear.
The practice of belief and feeling work stands as one of the cornerstones of Theta Healing®. In this workshop, you will explore eight distinct methods for uncovering the root beliefs or feelings responsible for blocking your own or your clients' progress.

In this comprehensive 2-day course, you'll delve into the following areas:

  • Mastery of the 8 methods to effectively 'dig' and uncover the root beliefs and feelings.
  • Overcoming any apprehensions or fears you may have about digging and identifying core beliefs and feelings within your clients.
  • Creating a supportive and empathetic space for your clients without becoming entangled in their emotional turmoil or pain.
  • Cultivating the ability to set aside your ego and personal biases during the healing process.
  • Addressing and eliminating any self-sabotaging patterns that may be hindering your growth as a practitioner or healer.
  • Releasing self-limiting beliefs associated with the digging and healing processes.
  • Nurturing and healing your inner child.
  • Effectively releasing trauma without re-living it.
  • Learning to witness and facilitate instant healings by simplifying the process, without overcomplicating it.
  • Developing the discernment to recognize when a client is truly ready for healing.
  • Gaining the insight and skill to detach from the outcome, avoiding the urge to push the healing process with your own energy.
  • Embracing the realization that the responsibility for the healing ultimately rests with Divine Source Energy, and we serve as witnesses to this transformative process.


Prerequisite: Completion of ThetaHealing® Basic DNA & Theta Healing Advanced Course
Certification: Upon successful completion, you will be certified as a Theta Healing® Dig Deeper Practitioner. 
Required: Theta Healing Dig Deeper


Teacher: Azmina Ahamed
Where: Online


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