Unlock the potential of your intuition and discover how to understand messages from the Creator.

You matter to the creator

Gain insight into your divine essence and your subconscious survival instincts. Discern the distinction between the Creator's guidance and your ego's chatter. Distinguish truth from fear.
In this seminar, we empower and educate our students to explore the realms of their survival self, delve into the depths of their subconscious mind, and effectively address challenges stemming from their shadow self. Participants will also gain clarity on distinguishing between connecting with the Creator's energy, conversing with their ego, and engaging with their higher self.


  • Your true essence as God-force Energy, how to read the messages
  • The profound influence of your relationship with the Creator on every aspect of your life.
  • How distorted beliefs regarding the Creator can impact your:
  • Ability to manifest infinite abundance.
  • Feelings of guilt when seeking from the Creator or questioning His responsiveness.
  • Capacity to intuitively hear the Creator in a healing or reading.
  • Receipt of information from creator to understand the undercurrent and what needs to be solved.
  • Recognize when people are coming from Ego.
  • Recognize the Higher aspect of ourselves so that we can listen to the creator.
  • What Part of our brain are we accessing to get clear messages from the creator
  • How does intuition flow
  • Sense of disconnection from fellow humans and the Earth, potentially causing you to feel like an outsider or someone yearning to return to a spiritual realm.
  • Clearing beliefs that have possibly held you back to tap into the clear messages from the creator for manifesting your desires

Spark your Spirit

The Creator embodies an energy of immaculate and unconditional love. It's a love characterized by profound understanding and knowledge. Once you truly grasp this love, it has the potential to revolutionize your life.

 In this seminar, you'll gain the invaluable skill of distinguishing these energies and learn how to guide your subconscious to come from a place of possible abilities.

This seminar holds a significant place as it effectively addresses a question frequently posed during seminars: "How can I distinguish whether an answer is from the Creator?" It's designed to equip you with the tools to direct your mind and gain a deep understanding.

Tap into the endless world of understanding the difference between Creator and messages from your self.

Prerequisite: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA & Theta Healing Advanced Course, Theta Healing® Dig Deeper
Certification: You will be certified as a Theta Healing® You and the Creator Practitioner


Teacher: Azmina Ahamed 





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