It’s Time To Pave Your Purpose Into Creating A Meaningful Business That You Love

Jul 02, 2020

Over the last several blog posts, I outlined for you the six modules in my Pave Your Purpose program—a program created to offer female entrepreneurs like you and I the tools and processes required to establish high-end programs.

Throughout the six modules, I will inspire you to create or reinvent a lucrative soulful business that you can offer your clients, and continue to create meaningful and transformational work.

It brings me great joy to see you living YOUR life and spreading your magic just like I am mine!

It is a dawn of a new day; with hopes, dreams and connection with great opportunities.

I invite you to start this journey today!

I’m offering Pave Your Purpose in two formats to support the lifestyle of busy entrepreneurs and parents.

You may choose one of the following package options:

The six-month program:

  • Begins with a kick-start call.
  • Includes all six modules.
  • We’ll chat one-on-one, three times per month.
  • The final week we’ll review all that you’ve learned in a catch-up week.

The fast-track 12-week program:

  • Begins with a kick-start call.
  • Includes the same six modules.
  • We’ll chat one-on-one, two times per week.

If you’re ready to jumpstart your business, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve reached a plateau, I’ve got your back.

One of my clients, Michelle, came to me wanting to create a better life for herself and feel empowered and fulfilled through a meaningful business.

“Azmina is helping female entrepreneurs — like me! — to pave their purpose. She’s inspired me to build a business that I love, and has shared nothing but heartfelt encouragement along the way. I’m proud to call her my Coach, one of my biggest influences and my friend.”


Today, Michelle stands behind a brand and profitable business that she is 100 per cent passionate about.

If the Pave Your Purpose program speaks to you, and if you want to build a business that you love, just like Michelle, then NOW is the time to take the next step.

Space is limited; schedule a complementary kick-start call with me today so we can get started in building a profitable business just for you!

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